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AM Consulting Worldwide is the premier Strategic Marketing & Online Reputation Management firm created by Angela E. Matthews. Our products and services are for Executives and Companies who's online reputation doesn't accurately reflect who they are in their industry or lives. Whether you are a risk taker who's had legal issues in the past, or you don't exist online when potential clients and employers Google you, AM Consulting Worldwide can help change how you look online.

Your First Page Google Results Matter

You talk a “good talk” when people meet you, and you walk a “good walk” when doing business. However, when people Google you, it doesn’t match up. Though you may not know it, there’s always a cost to not having stellar first page result on Google, and it can lead to doubt and mistrust.

Good News Is, You Can Change It!

Google loves updated and current results. Sometimes, things that have been online for years can magically be pushed down with newer, more relevant results. Clients we’ve worked with have positive and negative mentions in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Sec and .Gov websites.

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